Texas's First Digitally Interactive Sound Temple

Utilizing architecture, new technology, and light design, 
FOUR aims to honor the sacred elements that are
Earth, Wind, Water and Fire in hopes of inspiring
a new generation of earth defenders and creatives.

Age: 27
Beta Date: November 11, 2016
Location: Carver Center, San Antonio, Texas
Collaborators: Ellie Pritts & Arturo Vilchis Design

A sacrament to the Elements.

Everything Saakred [...] does is chillingly original. They manage to surf the waves of indigenous sounds, the avant garde and the experimental in unexpected ways, with the intensity of a person who lives in their own magical world.
— Enrique Lopetegui, San Antonio Current

*Phase One premiered November 11, 2016 at
Luminaria Arts Festival
in San Antonio, Texas.


about the artists: 


Ellie Pritts

Internationally recognized photographer for Vice, Pitchfork, SPIN, NME, and recently featured in TIME Magazine's "100 Photographers to Follow". Founder of Hippo, the world's first photo collaboration app.

Arturo Vilchis