Saakred Releases New EP 'Criminal'

A three month engineering exploration diving further into MIDI production via Ableton Live. Set before, between and after body reconstruction, Saakred works to sonically demonstrate the intensity of dysphoria, paranoia, surgery, drugs and nitelife while remembering to stay playful (F.O.M.O/H.O.M.O). Themes explored: psychological isolation via physical displacement, narcissism in the digital age and the potentiality of genuine relationships with artificial technology in the loneliest of nights. The album opens with “Say Siri”, a live recording of a genuine conversation with Siri documenting a surprising emotional connection to what seems to be an empathetic robot. The minimal production heard is in part an attempt at baring a personal vulnerability to the audience through sonic minimalism. Criminal is a direct response to the criminalization of Latinos under recent U.S. government and can be specifically heard in the album’s most direct track, "The Criminal, The Wetback, The Giver". STREAM FULL ALBUM

Saakred at SoundSpace, Blanton Musuem of Art

Saakred to perform at the award-winning series SoundSpace, Sunday, January 28, 2pm The Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, Texas ft. Grammy award-winning producer Adrien Quesada, Guggenheim recipient Gene Coleman and more. >>>

Saakred Performance 🕰 : 2:40 & 3:45 pm Second Floor, Modern & Contemporary, Minimalism

Saakred : Bajo Tus Pies
Saakred, a transdisciplinary artist with a focus in sound and live performance will be curating their original work in relation to their experience as both museum patron and employee. Using the concept of a museum as a microcosm for class, race and power inequities in the unchanging American landscape, Saakred discusses issues of security, visibility, access, facades of freedom, aristocracy and the role of art . Saakred will present four new works wedged between the all white work of minimalists Louis Nevelson and Mary Corse. All compositions are written, recorded, produced and performed by Saakred with a focus in MIDI production via Ableton 9 and Reason with additional live instrumentation for this one time performance.