Date : March 9, 2013
Location : Hemisfair Park, San Antonio, TX
Budget : $1000
Age : 23

Intention / Proposal:

"Saakred is an electronic project that uses heavy rhythms and programmed beat manipulation in a non-traditional format, overlapping a wide array of influences to produce a multi-layered wall of sound. Incorporating sounds from the natural world, such as radio waves from planets and pulsars, whale vocalizations, native birds and insects to the every day environment sampling kids playing in the streets and neighborhood ice cream trucks. Saakred is a conceptual performance artist, not solely a musician. Visualizations are then used to put images to the sonar experience. Projections, music, and lyrics are originally created by Saakred.



A large pyramid structure will be built with one entrance. Following the traditional wisdom of indigenous ways, the doorway in will be the doorway out. The structure will be made of a PVC pipe skeleton and semi-transparent material that stretches tightly around the structure. These will be the walls for the projected moving images. Those inside will be totally surrounded by lights and projections from different angle, but those from the outside become a part. 


Those that chose to enter the space will be completely immersed in an environment that stimulates their visual and audio senses. The audience will travel to places that one may only remember as a far away dream such as the oceanic abyssal zone, inside a cocoon, inside a mothers womb. These are all spaces where tremendous growth is nurtured and born, where the perfection of nature blooms. The space will be tight and warm, much like the places projected on the walls.  People will either be close together inside or witness the performance from the outside. The performer (Saakred) will be sitting in the center of the space on a small stage with surrounding equipment. 


The pyramid will come alive once Saakred's live performance begins.  Each song will have the accompanying visuals and one color associated with each song. There will be a total of four colors. The color will be seen through the visuals and the surrounding lights with in the space. When the live performance is over, the space will be used as a peaceful space with in the festival for people to ground themselves and rest. Ethereal music with projections of black holes and nebulas will fill the space. Folks inside will be invited to lay down."


Collaborators :
Arturo Vilchis, Zombie Bazaar, Shambahla Center San Antonio

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