San Antonio, Texas

Make Believe is the culmination of three years of internal and creative exploration through sound. Shifting from the original lo-fi recordings of Thunderbird Speaks to the multimedia, post-Dadist electronic performance of FLI HY, to the eerie loneliness of Ballroom Sessions, Make Believe offers the most cohesive sound yet. Walking the line of post-punk, psychedelia and blues, the five track EP promises to send chills down your back and tears down your face. 

Described as “one of the most original and intense performers in SA” by the San Antonio Current, Saakred has become one of the most controversial performers in San Antonio through raw and often confrontational performance. What began as an honest attempt at self-healing, quickly grew into an enterprise of music, filmmaking, lithography, and new media. Saakred has and never will be art for art's sake.