TRANS : Act one


 October 22 - October 28 2017

One week residency at MASS Gallery


From the Artist:

Using a collection of personal belongings and a weeks worth of work, TRANS: ACT ONE grants witness to the life, struggle, and magic that is being post-gender in a world of TRANS.

This is only my narrative.

TRANS: ACT ONE gives focus
to a week in residence.

Inspired by the fervor of the Russian Avant-Garde and the lasting imaginations of MADÍ, TRANS: ACT ONE serves as the beginning to a larger, formal exploration in drawing, architecture, and theater including but not limited to costume, light and sound design.

This will be Saakred's second feature in Austin, following their debut performance in support of artist and friend, Devendra Banhart. 

Public Reception : 7 - 10 pm, Saturday October 28
Open Studio : 6 - 8pm, Thursday October 26